You are Enough | October 2020

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Epilogue :

You are Enough | October 2020

Adding more candles to your birthday cake doesn’t mean you aren’t matured enough . It also doesn’t mean that you’ve grown emotionally or that you’ve got better at handling things with more balance.

Most of us tend to punish ourselves for our mistakes before we celebrate our achievements. We’re too harsh on ourselves , and we focus more on our failures than our successes.

We quickly become discouraged when things don’t go the way we planned. We don’t appreciate the things we do well. We’re not patient enough to move forward and we don’t pay attention to small changes.

Sometimes it’s worth it to stop in the middle of chaos to make a list of everything we’ve achieved. Not to be arrogant, but to realize that we’ve grown emotionally.

So what are the signs of emotional maturity?

You let go of things that are bad for you.

It’s very important to learn to remove the things that harm us or hold us back from our lives. This is key to being successful in anything that we do. Recognizing toxic people and staying away from them is a big step.

You learn from your mistakes.

Who said that making mistakes has to haunt us for the rest of eternity?

We can learn a lot from our failures. Obsessive perfectionism is not worth it. It’s good to make mistakes and know which things you won’t repeat.

This completely changes our perspectives and helps us to begin new projects; only this time, we’ll be more ambitious and successful. Why? Because our experiences guide us.

You don’t complain

This is one of the most noticeable signs of emotional growth. Some people spend the entire day criticizing everything because all they can do is increase the negativity and pessimism around them. Learning “not to cry over spilled milk” adds for a more mature person. If you take keep enough courage to solve your own problems without doubting yourself and not complain about it, it’s because YOU’RE GROWING.

You are Enough | October 2020

Poem :

You are Enough | October 2020

To learn while still growing
What this life is meant to be
To know it goes beyond myself
It’s so much more than me

To help and understand the ones
That no one cares to know
And make them feel some love
When the world has let them go

To fight for those who can’t themselves
To always share my light
With those who wander in the dark
To love with all my might

To be honest, strong and true
That person loyal to the end
To be a constant source of hope
For my family and my friends

To be proud of what I’ve tried to be
And this life I chose to live
To make the most of every day
By giving all I have to give

I want to live a life that matters
And make someone feel their worth
To love and be loved in return
And leave my mark on Earth.


Song recommendation :


You are Enough | October 2020

Song : Dreamer by Axwell /\ Ingrosso

This is a very beautiful song which is produced  and performed by Axwell /\ ingrosso with The Swedish House Music.

This is a beautiful yet simple song by Axwell from the album “More than you know”.

This song beautifully graces you that the feeling of being alone and missing out is nothing but a silly part of our mind that has been overthinking. It teaches us to look out for the more better things that are going to be heading our way in the near future.

This song highlights to not keep blaming ourselves for the mistakes we’ve done in the past and we grow from it, so stop blaming yourself for it no matter what others think about us.

If you want to check the song I’ve put the link in the song name.





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