Don't Walk Away | October 2020

Don’t Walk Away | October 2020

Don’t Walk Away | October 2020

Epilogue :

Don't Walk Away | October 2020

We all have a person who we once loved or a part of us still does and we forget to enjoy our life and appreciate what you once had with that person.

Firstly, we’d like to resist chasing the incorrect one; the right one won’t run. All our lives, we’ve been told how love arrives with pomp and show – a spark of sunshine within the darkness. You start looking for it, on every random date, at parties, concerts, clubs and where not.


Why are we always in a Quest of the right one?

There is a voice inside our head that Thrives you to look for perfection.
You try to hold on to each bit and piece of somebody who left. You chase every person whose interests seem identical. In the quest of perfection, you hurt yourself and others.


How do we know that this is the right one?

And when the person arrives with a wide smile and curled hair, with dark circles under the eyes, but you won’t recognize it. They are not perfect and they too make mistakes yet when you are with them, you feel better about yourself.
Nevertheless love isn’t just about a spark of light in the dark, but it’s about holding hands, sticking together and searching for the flashlight, together.


Love is not about making bad days better!


On the contrary it is a promise of being there irrespective of what comes along and goes.

I will let you in on a secret that I’ve settled on – Perfection is a myth.
On the other hand, you will find someone who accepts you for who you are, they won’t love biryani as much as you and won’t binge watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S because it won’t be funny enough for them, however they won’t leave because it would feel right.

So, stop chasing the wrong one, because no matter what, the right one won’t run.


It’s not bad to enter in a relationship. In spite of that you have to take risks and expect the unexpected, nonetheless sometimes love becomes unpredictable; Maybe today you’re happy and tomorrow you aren’t. But there’s one thing for sure, in contrast in every ending there’s always a beginning.

This poem totally spoke for what my heart wants, I’m still longing for my past. It makes me want to go back, approach her and turn back the good old times. I know the relationship didn’t last too long, but the pain on my heart healing is a continuous process. Sometimes I lowered my pride and just followed what my heart wanted, but it was never enough. So, to the person I’ve always loved , I love you and goodbye. It’s time for me to love and explore myself and see what’s in store for me.

Don’t Walk Away | October 2020

Poem :

Don't Walk Away | October 2020


As I see you walk away from me 
With hopes starting to fall
I keep asking myself
Are we gonna lose it all?

For the first time I had no words
That to you I could say
I cling to old memories
While I watch you walk away!

I just don’t want to let you go
Was it me or did our bond catch dust?
My heart’s whimpering with pain
But it’s my mind that I trust

If only I could handle it
And bear to just say
I’d use my last breath and say the words
Don’t Walk Away!’

Song recommendation :

Don't Walk Away | October 2020

Song : It’s You by Ali Gatie 

 It’s you is a beautiful song performed by Ali Gatie and written by Nathan Perez, Ali Gatie and Andrew Wansel.

The song was released by  Warner Records on June 14,2019.

This song topped the charts in many countries like Australia, Canada, Netherlands and many other. On the other hand ,it contended at No.97 in the US Billboard Top 100.

Nonetheless its a must listen song, Ali Gatie said he was “just feeling the words in that moment and speaking from the heart”. In spite of such less technicality but still it is a song that is a joy to the ears.

Nevertheless it has been at the top of my playlist for a long while and I personally love this song a lot.

If you want to check the song I’ve put the link in the song name.

Do let me know your reviews and suggestions in the comment section! Thank you for your time!


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