Wanna read some heartfelt poetry from one of your own?

Well you are on the perfect website thepoemparade.com where you’d find Poetry that makes your heart sway.

thepoemparde.com is a website where you’d find poems written by the admin and other aspiring writers who need accountability for the stuff they write but aren’t recognized. You will find poems about every possible mood here.

If you want to read something motivational, something about nature or anything sad, then you’re at the right place. With every poem you also get to read an epilogue and know a part of my life or the story that made me write the poem. And an additional bonus feature is that you get a song suggestion with every post. Soo, basically you get everything you look for at one place!


Main aim of this website is to create a platform for the fellow writers who don’t get enough exposure. We as well would try to reach as many new artists as we can. We wish to take poetry to a whole new level where every writer would get to express and every reader would get to read his desired content.

-About Me-

Hey there!

thepoemparde.com is a website owned and managed by Shubham Dalvi. I’m just an ordinary 18 year old guy who likes to stay at home just like you and write about things that have happened or might happen.

I started writing 3 years back and now here I am presenting my work socially. I want to use this platform to reach as many people as I can and explore my creativity. Hope you find some good content and have a good time!