A Walk with Nature | October 2020

A Walk with Nature | October 2020


A Walk with Nature | October 2020

Nature ~The word nature is now commonly used to refer Peace.

A variety of contexts relate to this word. Though, the most important reference is the innumerable number of species of plants, wildlife, animals, and all that the earth contains from mountains, valleys, beaches to seas and forests.

Man is a creature eager to taste beauty, and there is nothing more pleasing to the human eye than nature.

There are many manifestations for the beauty of nature. Wherever a person turns his face he will inevitably find a manifestation of these pleasant appearances of nature.
Perhaps the most striking of these is the unique diversity of nature around us, created like a wonderful natural painting.

The beauty of nature is one of the greatest blessings of God on us.
This allows us to choose places and many destinations for the sake of rest, recreation and spend the best of times.

Nature is always inspiring artists and creators around the world.

Is there any better way to release stress than to take a walk with the nature?

A vast number of works of poetry, art and music that attract a large amount of people around the world revolve around the beauty and charm of nature. There have been tons of sketches, illustrations , poems, books by uncountable artists from different parts of the world.

Nature has always been that one thing that people tend to look out for when they have been stressing and need some peace of mind, or when someone has to make a decision and need a quiet place to think about it, or when they just want to relieve the toxicity of the world, or to find and enjoy some moments of joy or glee. 

A Walk with Nature | October 2020

Poem :

A Walk with Nature | October 2020

The serenity of nature soothes my mind
A peaceful day so hard to find
The cool breeze here calms my soul
Helps me think about my life’s goal

As the nights draw near
I sense where I need to be is here
I sit and wonder how life will go
But all I want right now is for time to slow

It’s days like these I truly treasure
Amazing nights and beautiful weather
For once I feel like life is bliss
So many days, in which my happiness was missed

So spare a still moment
Every once a while
Take in the beauty around
Take it in with a smile!


Song recommendation :

A Walk with Nature | October 2020

Song : Wolves by Selena Gomez and Marshmello

Wolves is a beautiful song written by Selena Gomez, Marshmello, Carl Rosen.And it is produced by Marshmello and Watt.

The song was released by Interscope Records on October 25,2017.

This song topped the charts in many countries like Australia, Canada, Netherlands and many other. It was also the second most successful electronic song of 2018 in the US.

This is a must listen song as it has aesthetic references to nature and the woods which seems very likely to be pleasant to hear.

If you want to check the song I’ve put the link in the song name.





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