A Beautiful Reminder to Smile | October 2020

Hey guys! Welcome to my first blog ~A Beautiful Reminder to Smile | October 2020



A Beautiful Reminder to Smile | October 2020


A smile can create a positive atmosphere around you. Rightfully said A smile is contagious.

Choosing to focus on good things can make you feel better than when you focus your energy on the negative part .Admittedly, it is difficult for some people to smile because life is hard for them. You can lift them up even if its temporary with a smile.

That simple act of empathy builds trust and may help raise their self-esteem.

Smiling is something that we easily take for granted .A smile has the power to lighten any mood or any which serious situation.

Often we pass by people not knowing what has been happening in their life or if they might be going through some trauma or a troublesome situation ,in such case a little smile could lift their mood or help them forget the trauma they’re going through at least for a minute.

Smiling is considered as the most simple act of kindness and generosity. You don’t have to think for a reason to smile, just smiling simply creates a lively and a positive atmosphere around you.

Every new day brings new reasons to smile wee just need to be aware enough to see them. So, A smile is the best gift one can ever give!

Hope you enjoy my first blog – A Beautiful Reminder to Smile | October 2020




A Beautiful Reminder to Smile | October 2020


When someone’s having a bad day,
A smile could go a long way,
You don’t know what this deed,
Could do for a friend who’s in need,
It might save them from the pain
Of a sadness they cannot contain.

To lift the dark clouds one bears,
To let them feel someone cares,
Hoping that people would understand,
Smile could act like a helping hand,
Don’t ask what a smile can do,
Because I’m sure it once helped you!

Song recommendation:


A Beautiful Reminder to Smile | October 2020

Song: Happier by Marshmello and Bastile

This is a very beautiful song which is produced by Marshmello and performed by Bastille and Marshmello.

This song has a very simple yet deep and relatable feeling for many people .According to me, two people are in a relationship and one of them realizes that the best way to make his significant other happy is to leave.

It portrays a beautiful meaning that regardless of what we think or what we believe in we should try to make sure the other person that is involved in this is happy as well.

We often try to make ourselves happy but while doing this we tend to forgetΒ  what consequences the other one has to face.

So, this song gives us a beautiful reminder to stay happy and make sure to create a positive environment for the people around us.

If we could make one person smile in a day .you can proudly say you had a productive day!




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